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Please come back often as more English language learning materials will be uploaded soon. If you are a Chinese student of English this is the place for you. From videos to time-tested grammar books: we've got your English learning needs covered!

the 2800 most commonly-used words in English - based on an authoritative 2013 study (所有的学生必须认识这些常用的英语单词)

"English Grammar in Use" New Edition (electronic format电子版本)<-- 要注意:128mg 需要较长时间下载

Swan's Practical English Usage (英语语法大全;作者的母语是英语!) (electronic format电子版本)<-- 242mg

B-Level documents (跟B级别有关的文件等等)

L-Level documents (跟L级别有关的文件等等)

I-Level documents (跟I级别有关的文件等等)

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